a little bit about us....

    we know what we’re talking about

    when it comes to workplace mental health, and we want you to as well. We are transparent and straight talking. When you work with us we will share our knowledge to build your confidence, so that you are able to sustain employee mental health & wellbeing over the long term.

    we are passionate

    about simplifying the process of building customised, sustainable, evidence informed workplace mental health strategies and interventions. We can provide one-time advice and referral to the best providers to meet your short-term goals, or we can collaborate with you to build a customised long-term mental health strategy.

    we work collaboratively

    with organisations to understand what they are already doing in the area of mental health & wellbeing; matching that against the latest research about best practice, and create strategies and interventions that respond to the unique needs of your business.

    ....enough about us, let's talk about you!

    where are you at?

    The most common conversation we have with clients is that they are excited to do something positive about employee mental health & wellbeing, but they don’t know where to start.

    You might:


    know you need to do something about employee mental health & wellbeing, but be unsure where to start.


    feel overwhelmed by how many services there are and unsure of which one to engage.


    have a couple of interventions in place – have run some training or held an annual event to acknowledge mental illness.


    have run some training for managers


    have all the right elements in place but need a strategy to pull them together.


    feel confident about the things you have in place right now, but are unsure of how to sustain impact and messaging in the long term.

    how are your people feeling?

    Many companies put mental health & wellbeing programs in place without first trying to understand where their people are at.


    do you run annual engagement surveys that include evidence-based questions about mental health & wellbeing?


    can you compare your workplace with others in your industry or against national benchmarks?


    do you know how your employees feel about EAP – if it’s a service they use, know, trust, or would recommend?

    Making an assessment of the psychosocial risks of your workplace, and understanding your employees engagement with existing supports can help you direct resources towards areas of greatest impact.

    We are able to recommend simple, evidence-based questions which can be integrated into existing surveys, or to facilitate external administration and reporting of a robust psychosocial risk assessment process.

    what interventions do you already have in place, and how do they compare to research around best practice? are there any gaps that need to be addressed in order to sustain your message?

    You might be at the very beginning of your journey, or you might have trained some managers, have walking meetings, a flexible work arrangement, a mental health policy, a weekly fruit delivery, an annual mental health week celebration. You may even have a 3-year employee mental health and wellbeing strategy. ​

    Human Leadership will work with you to review existing interventions, and to ensure that what you’re offering is evidence informed, has a good return on investment, is sustainable, and is having a positive impact on your employees, culture, and productivity.